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DMS on Twitter
What are DMS on Twitter?
February 4, 2016
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February 4, 2016

How to Delete DMS on Twitter?

Delete DMS on Twitter

If you have messages in your inbox that you don’t want to keep anymore, then you simply have to delete it. Deleting messages is sometimes difficult for new Twitter users because the delete option is not very visible. Due to this, many people do not actually know how to delete dms on Twitter. If you do not know how to delete dms on Twitter, then read on in order to learn the steps.

First, you have to access your inbox by clicking on the “Messages” section which can be found on the upper left corner of your Twitter page. Once you click on that, Twitter will bring you to your inbox. In your inbox, you will see a list of the conversations you had with people over the past years. All you have to do is click on a conversation with a friend and you may see the messages you have sent and received from that friend. If you want to delete individual messages, just hover your mouse to the side of the message and a trash can icon will appear. Click on that trash can icon and you can erase that message. If you want to delete the entire conversation, click on the “…” icon on the top right corner of the page. Once you click on that, you will see a “Delete” option. Click on that, and the entire conversation will be deleted.

If you want to know more about dms and understand how they work, you may want to check out the FAQs section in the Twitter website.

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