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Make Emoticons on Facebook
How to Make Emoticons on Facebook?
February 4, 2016
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February 4, 2016

How to do Emoticons on Facebook?

do Emoticons on Facebook

Facebook has followed suit the emoji bandwagon. Sending messages, sharing posts on timelines and even replying to comments have suddenly become more fun and interesting because of the availability of thousands of emoticons to choose from online.

How to do emoticons on Facebook is uncomplicated. It does not require installs nor add-ons. It simply starts with choosing the emoji that would best describe the current mood or state the person is in. It is then followed by simply copying the smiley faces and their corresponding symbol codes and pasting them on Facebook. Although there may be times when an empty square appears, it is not a reason to fret as it will eventually transform into the emoticon once it is posted in Facebook. Since popular browsers support shortcuts to Facebook, How to do emoticons on Facebook has become even easier and more convenient. What is more, all the emojis will work on all gadgets and devices used to connect to Facebook.

Having a wide array of emojis and smileys available, expressing love, happiness, enjoyment, success, elation, and even sadness, jealousy, fear, disappointment and hate can be quick and easy. With just a click away, reading about how other people feel towards something or what these people have been doing in their lives will become more evident and real because of the use of emoticon.

Overall, by choosing the right emoticon to complement the person’s current mood and by precisely applying the “copy and paste” method, nobody can ever go wrong.

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