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February 4, 2016
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How to do Emoticons on Facebook?
February 4, 2016

How to Make Emoticons on Facebook?

Make Emoticons on Facebook

Emoticons make Facebook engagements extra meaningful and interactive. Each emoticon could reflect a user’s current mood or emotional disposition. Conversations become more engaging with emoticons around. Perhaps all Facebook users already know how to do it. However, for those who just have decided to immerse themselves in social media, particularly on Facebook, they might still need to know how to make emoticons on Facebook.

Making Facebook emoticons is extremely easy. To make emoticons on the chat box, you simply have to click on the emoticon icon and choose from among the various emoticons available. You can even avail free emoticons on the sticker store. Same goes with posting emoticons on the comment box. You can readily access the emoticon icon to choose the suitable emoticon easily. In posting emoticons on status updates and photo or video captions, you need to know the text symbol of the emoticon you want to use; some common symbols can easily be recalled. However, for those unfamiliar ones, you may look them up on the search engine, and then copy and paste them into your Facebook post.

It’s indeed very simple to do. Engaging in social media without using emoticon is sure to go dull. Thus, if you’re a novice in this domain, take time to know how to make emoticons on Facebook, so you can experience the best things Facebook could bring.

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