10 Essential Tips for an Engaging Facebook Business Page

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10 Essential Tips for an Engaging Facebook Business Page


1. Don’t create a personal profile for your business.

Some business owners may not have realized, but the Facebook Business Page was designed so different from a personal profile. Entrepreneur and marketers who use their profile in promoting their business on Facebook are missing on a lot of advantages from the tools and features a Facebook Business Page can provide.

2. Add a recognizable profile picture.

Your profile picture plays an important role in your Facebook business page. If you want to be easily recognized while achieving a professionally looking page, use your company or brand’s logo as your profile picture. Make sure that upon uploading the photo, your logo is cropped proportionally and is at the center. Choose or create your logo wisely.

3. Choose an engaging cover photo.

Aside from choosing the best logo for your profile picture, choose an appropriate cover photo which compliments both your company and your profile picture. Since it takes most space above the fold of your Facebook page, take advantage of it by choosing or designing a photo that is evenly entertaining and engaging to your viewers.

4. Add a call-to-action (CTA) button.

Since you are creating a business page, make sure you use the right call-to-action and link your customers to the right pages. If you are selling products/services you can write “Buy Now,” or “Book Now” if your business is a hotel or a travel agency.  Come up with a CTA that’s fit for your business.

5. Fill out your ‘About’ section with basic information, and add company milestones.

In completing your “About” section, emphasize the know-about of your brand/company. Especially when a customer/client haven’t heard of your business yet and wanted to know more – they might immediately check your “About” page. Include a short description of your business and contact details in case your customers/clients want to reach out to you.

6. Post photos and videos to your Timeline.

Visual content and videos are helpful essentials in creating an effective Facebook business page. Not all people like to read and have the time to read. So to share your information with your clients/visitors efficiently, you can also use photos, infographics, and videos.

7. Determine the ideal timing and frequency for your posts.

In a Facebook business page or Facebook fan page, how often do you have to post? You see, being able to determine the ideal timing and frequency of your post is a factor that may affect your customer/clients trust. Some would need Social Media Management Services for small business to keep their updates and postings maintained.

Also, if you come to think of it, you cannot trust a page which barely posts updates, but don’t want a page that floods you Facebook feeds either. Be consistent in your posts. When you are busy, or out of town, it is not an excuse to miss posting your updates. Learn How to Manage your Social Accounts While on Vacation.

8. Leverage Facebook’s targeting tools.

One of Facebook features includes providing you ways and tools to retarget your customers. It allows you to choose the people you want to reach, get in touch with people you already know, build audiences based on people who are similar to your customers, and learn more about your audience.

9. Monitor and respond to comments on your page.

By monitoring and responding to your customer/client’s comments and inquiries, you can build trust and develop engagement. While it might not be necessary to answer them one by one, at least you could answer the most frequently asked questions. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

10. Promote your page to generate more followers

Considering you’ve already filled all the necessary information about your website as well as adding content and visuals, it is now the perfect time to promote your page to generate more followers. To do this, you can start by creating an ad and specifying your marketing objectives. Next, choose your targeted audience and indicate the budget you are willing to pay for your Facebook Ads.

Creating a Facebook business page or Facebook fan page is easy. However, if your business lacks human resources and needs an expert for a kick start and maintenance, then you will need Social Media Management Services.