5 Key Ways to Brand Yourself on Facebook

It’s a very rare occurrence these days to find an Internet user who isn’t using Facebook, much less find someone who’s never heard of it. It is due to this fact that most businesses of today all try to appease the social media juggernaut; because they can offer exposure and branding like no other and turn even the most inexperienced of budding businesses into a world-wide hit.

The question is how does one take something like Facebook and turn it into a tool that can transform your business and brand yourself like no other network or method can?

Here are a few tips that make branding yourself in Facebook easy as pie.


Strategy | Troop Social

1. Work on your strategy as much as you can.

This often goes without saying, but it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to work on one’s strategy no matter how fool-proof it might seem. If you are unsure about what to post, try building your strategy around the three P’s of posting content. This includes personal, purpose and promotional. Being able to seamlessly switch between these three while keeping everything consistent is the key to successfully branding yourself through posts.

2. Improve your strategy by listening and observing.

What any business needs to survive is sufficient experience, and in the world of social media you get this experience by following other businesses and observing their actions. See what makes these businesses thrive, and observe exactly what allowed them to be branded in the first place. This will give you the right perspective when it comes to handling your own social media engagement.

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3. Don’t be afraid to brag.

Have a reason to be proud? Don’t ever be afraid to flaunt such things in Facebook, because content like that thrives. As a matter of fact this is something that just about everyone in the social media network does, so you’re missing out if you aren’t. Don’t get too carried away however; remember to only make the promises you know you can keep.

4. Take note of mistakes.

Another tip that should be obvious but also can’t be stressed enough, whenever you make a mistake always take note of when it happened and if you can, why it happened. Being able to understand why something went wrong is the best way of avoiding it in the future.

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5. Always remind your fans!

Last but not least, your brand is what represents your business in the Facebook world, and so it should always be visible no matter what kind of content you post. While some may get sick of businesses which constantly show off their brand, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Keep these tips in mind and with enough time, your business will easily be able to brand itself in Facebook and in doing so stand out amidst all your other competitors. All it takes is a lot of effort and the courage to see things through. Don’t give up, and keep trying!