6 Instagram Hacks and Features You Should Know

6 Instagram Hacks and Features You Should Know

According to research, 32% of online adults use Instagram and is increasing from the previous year. It’s uniqueness and simplicity had paved its way into becoming one of the most favorable social media platforms of many.  So for those who want to take their usage to the next level, this article will show you some of the lesser-known Instagram hacks and features.

Note: Before getting started, make sure you’re operating on the latest version of Instagram.

1. Get notified when your most favorite people post

If you are constantly stalking your favorite social media personalities/influencers, this feature is perfect for you! Never miss your icon/idols Instagram posts by turning on your notifications for each user individually.

To do this, just head to their Instagram profile and click the three dots on the upper right side corner and choose “Turn On Post Notification.” Now that was easy!

2. Keep all the posts you’ve liked

We like photos for a reason, but some of Instagram users don’t know that there’s a place where they can revisit and view all the photos they’ve liked. To check them all in one place, go to your profile and click the “Options” button, and click “Posts You’ve Like.”

You may also unlike those photos by clicking the heart button again. And don’t worry, the owner won’t even know that you’ve unliked their post; this is pretty sneaky.

3. Create a collection of saved photos

Aside from viewing the old and recent photos you’ve liked, you can also save or bookmark certain posts in collections that you can create.

On your profile, there’s a ribbon icon on the right most side. Tap or click the icon, and select collections as this allow you to create a one. You can now categorize your bookmarks by food, clothing, places, or any of the weirdest things that you wish.

4. See the posts your friends have recently liked or commented

Unlike other social media sites, you can’t see all your friends updates in your news feed. For Instagram, you can view the photos that your friends had liked and commented.

If you haven’t found it yet, click the heart icon on the bottom of the screen. Everything that’s shown in this section are updates and activities from your friends.

5. Clear your search history

Yes, you already have privacy just by owning a personal profile, but I think that most of us have our reasons why we want to delete or erase our search history. Luckily, we can.

To clear all your search history, just head to your profile and click the“Options” button. On the bottom part, you can see “Clear Search History.” A pop-up message will show so just click “Yes, I’m Sure” to delete it successfully.

6. Hide photos you’ve been tagged in.

Sometimes, we just hate why we are tagged on photos which are inappropriate. (For me, this is one of the most important features of almost all social media management platforms). So to see and manage all the posts you’ve been tagged in, head to your profile and click the icon below your bio. Click the “Hide Photos” from the three dots at the top right of your screen. Manually select the posts you’d like to remove and tap “Hide From Profile” to finished.