7 Steps to Improve your Instagram Story Engagement

Do you want to improve your Instagram story techniques? Do you want more audience for exciting and engaging story content?

If you are looking for fantastic tips and methods to enhance your Instagram story engagement, then we have got some excellent tips to share. This post will make you explore new ways to get a massive following on Instagram. The most searched and highly requested article we find is on boosting levels of story engagement material. The Instagram process of displaying posts, IG stories, etc. to the people has a good reason for the audience’s engagement. Instagram restricts the automated tools for e:g: chatbots, robotic posts, computerized comments. These prospects are strictly initiated for account security.

Let’s check out the strategies for boosting the Instagram story engagement:

1. Quality of the Content:

For a website or digital marketing perspective, content is the king and its quality matters for the entire brand. To display the features of the site through multiple social media platforms the essential aspect to hold onto is to present the posts in an excellent form.

You better think twice what kind of quality you are leading to your brand. Make sure that there are a fun and attractive condition either for the written material or of images.

  • Motivational quotes and sayings
  • Attractive and inspiring written material
  • Images related to the Instagram theme
  • High definition of imagery

If the visual content along with still images are taken from a good quality phone and is related to the Instagram theme, then it will improve the engagement loop.

quality content

2. Addition of the option “Tap for More”:

It is a straight forward initiative for IG story content which is added by valuable tactics such as arrows, thumbs graphics indicating where to swipe or click for a complete storyline. The maximum time for story display is 15 sec, and it automatically moves forward. Most of us may think that it doesn’t matter as the story has to walk away after 15 sec. By viewing the same story multiple times from the same user is also a way of a passive experience.

What users dig for more? There are some essential aspects to achieve for quick response i:e:

  • From passive state to routine state (users may watch the story daily)
  • Audience involvement
  • The inclusion of ‘swipe up’ and ‘tap for more’ valuable content to improve the views.

The more fun and exciting your IG stories are, the more clicks and views will be. Work hard on your IG stories to captivate user’s interest. By conducting poll Q&As or other cool stuff to answer. Text tools and other emojis can also enhance the creativity of the story.

instagram option

3. Usage of Hashtags:

Another amazing info about improving your IG stories is to insert trending hashtags so those common users can find relevant material with the specific and trending hashtags. It is the first initiative to be a part of the community with the same purpose and be in a similar category where users can easily find out. Instagram has 30 hashtags limit which improves the chances of being viewed along with more following.

4. Add ‘List’ in your IG story:

With the inclusion of the list segment in your IG stories will interest the users more and could be little informative along with amazing inspirational content. If you are a writer or a teacher, you may also conduct a shared list on your IG story by illustrating the project into a shared list option where users will participate more. It is a recipe of functional and attractive content to involve the audience more.

5. To & Fro Conversation:

Another valuable initial for IG story improvement is to create a forum for the viewers to build a chat and express their views by submitting their valuable input. The most important point while creating a story is to use the text tools through proper strategy. A better understanding is a key to advertise any product as this is how you may get to the point.

IG story convo included:

  • ‘Ask me your question’?
  • For makeup related conversation it can be “restocked!! Swipe up”
  • Casual questions ‘who else does this happen to’?

6. DM Trend:

Some accounts may aid to improve the number of following and build an impactful relation with affiliated help. Encourage the users to DM the relevant brand to conduct the survey. The survey will define the objective of conducting the questionnaire and feedback/suggestions for both entertaining and boosting the IG story purpose. Once you have permitted the quiz session, feedbacks, etc. the users will promptly start grasping the gist of the brand and will be attracted.

7. Tagging and Commenting:

Introduce the tagging and commenting part for any displayed post so that people would get to know the relevant brand more. Along with the conversation initiative, tagging and commenting is also fruitful for more views. If you want more inspirational posts, you may also add some give away option with the post. The definition of tagging and commenting is to make people know more about the objective of the business.


If the content for the story is valuable and inspiring by adding the tips mentioned above. It will improve the storyline for the viewers. Moreover, tactics like tagging the friend and mention in comments also do the magic.

By sending away the compliment in the comment section makes the post more beautiful and attractive. The relevant account previewed under more influence.

Author Bio:

Gaberial Austin is a digital marketer by profession who has been associated with a renowned company that offers logo design services for more than 2 years. He is passionate about digital marketing loves to code and helps aspiring developers at the same time in polishing their skills. Apart from work, Gaberial likes to read books and spend time researching about different marketing techniques.