8 Mind-Blowing Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Presence


Social media is a never-ending trend. Almost everyone in the world is on social media and many of them want to increase their connectivity and optimize their social presence. Everyone wants to get attention on social media and they follow many things which are said by and followed by some popular personalities like adding good photographs and videos. This is just like doing the most obvious thing. And everyone knows that anyone can do obvious things but only the ones who do things differently from others and put in hard work in the right direction will succeed and become influential and popular on social media and people will pay a lot of attention to their stuff or in other words their social media presence will be very strong and their opinion will matter. Doing the obvious things like adding good photographs and videos is not a key factor in optimizing your social media presence. If that is a key factor, then the meme pages won’t have more followers than the profiles of good photographer and Youtubers. You have to put in an effort and the effort should be in the right direction in order to have a strong social media presence.

There are lots of Social Media gurus available who can tell you that it’s all about getting the interest of the people. This thing is true but you have to work for that to have a strong social media presence and only getting people’s interest is not enough because ones you get to the position of having a very good fan following then maintaining it is also quite difficult. Along with keeping people’s interest in mind, you have to deliver some value in your posts on social media to maintain or grow your social media presence. Here are 8 tips which will help you in optimizing your social media presence.

1. Create different content than others
In order to stand out and have a strong social media presence, you need to make different content than everyone else who is also trying to get popular in your niche. It would be stupid to make content which is similar to the other thousand creators and expecting to gain a lot of followers. The reason is fairly obvious that your audience is divided into these thousand creators but if you make different and unique content then people will automatically start following you.

2. You should give a real message with your content
You can grow your audience with unique and great content but to multiply your growth of audience by a factor of 10 you should provide a real message in your content. Delivering a real message doesn’t mean to follow the clichés of sharing a quote or an ideology. You must understand what is your unique voice and should provide content which highlights your unique voice.

3. Collaboration is the key
When you collaborate with someone popular then you then it will make you grow and optimize your social media presence a lot faster than going on the road all alone. You should always grab the opportunity of collaboration and take it as a golden chance to prove yourself.

4. You need to be consistent
Being consistent is necessary to grow your presence or to maintain your presence. Because if you won’t deliver consistently then people can always find someone else to fall back on.

5. Understand your audience
This is one of the most crucial factors that should be kept in mind. Because targeting the wrong audience or delivering good content to the wrong audience will be like running in a desert where you will never find water. So understand your audience and shape your content according to them to optimize your presence.

6. Improve everyday
If you make the same type of content every day, then again people will turn to others. So to improve and grow every day try making today’s content different than yesterday’s content.

7. Follow Best Practices
Using hashtags, including pictures and videos, sharing your content on different social media platforms are quick and easy ways to optimize your presence.

8. Try to teach something
Following this tip will make people come back again and again to your content. Because human mind thrives to learn in unique ways so if you can provide some education using your content than you can relax and see the number of active followers grow up.

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