Facebook #1 Spot in Mixing Both Business and Social Media

There are plenty of people out there that will tell you how social media is going on a downward spiral; a victim of its own popularity. However, when you consider just how well social media has managed to integrate itself into the world of business then it is likely to be the slowest downward spiral imaginable. It continues to stay strong, and with incredibly popular and successful businesses behind it such as Facebook it will continue to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

But how well does Facebook do exactly when it comes to mixing in both business and social media together? As a matter of fact based on a study made by Socialbakers which involved more than fifty-four thousand (you read that right) Facebook pages, this thriving business currently holds the number one spot when it comes to the mix of social media and business.

Facebook Mixes Both Business and Social Media


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A customer services role-model.¬†When it comes to both business and the social media phenomenon in general, customer service is likely near the top of the list of qualities that can make any business in either of those fields successful. Customer service is all about properly replying to the questions of fans the world over, and in this aspect Facebook absolutely shines. Many of the social media juggernaut’s most beloved brands responded to their fans’ questions straight away (within thirty minutes). While the entire study averaged at about a day before responses came, this is more than enough for Facebook to clinch the top spot.

Which industry responded the fastest?

The three industries at the top as far as response speed goes is the Telecom (thirteen hours, twenty-five minutes), Airline (eighteen hours, thirty-nine minutes) and E-commerce industries (twenty-one hours, fifty-two minutes). It is a little strange that a whopping eighty-seven percent of the total brands surveyed didn’t allow customers to post on their walls. It seems detrimental to the customer-business relationship if they are unable to even ask questions in an efficient manner.

Which industry was asked the most questions, and which responded the most?

The Telecom industry was asked the most, at 430,987 questions. The runners up include Electronics at 159,142 questions and E-Commerce at 150,430 questions. As for which group responded the most to these questions, Airline topped the list at 84.0%. Telecom’s a close second at 81.5%, and Retail’s the second runner up with 71.8%.

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Overall the numbers don’t lie, and Facebook continues to please and impress the global masses with its sharp responses and overall devotion to its fans. It certainly deserves the #1 spot when it comes to mixing social media and business because it was one of the first out there to truly do so.

As if that isn’t enough, Facebook continues to be the leading role-model as far as what social-media needs to do in order to integrate properly with the business side of the world. For now, and perhaps the foreseeable future you can depend on Facebook to keep the ball rolling.