What Makes a Good Social Media Manager?

In such a short amount of time, social media management has become an essential part of any business or brand. As it’s so new, the learning curve to mastering the art of social media can be a tumultuous one, but the job is fulfilling, glamorous, and exciting. If you’ve taken a sudden interest in becoming a social media manager (we don’t blame you) or you’ve recently been hired as one, you might be wondering if you’ll make a good one. We’re sure that you’ll do a fantastic job, especially if you have any of the qualities that we list below.

What is a social media manager?

The job description is right there in the name. You’re responsible for monitoring, contributing, measuring, organizing, guiding, and filtering the social media presence of your brand. You know how you how autonomous control over your social media? It’s a bit like that, but with a different goal.

If you’re managing the social media for a brand or business, your primary goal is to gain attention and increase sales. Social media can be a useful tool for businesses by increasing attention, generating leads, and creating sales. It’s (mostly) all for free, too. That’s why businesses are so adamant about hiring a great social media manager.

Here are the characteristics of a great social media manager.

1. You’re relatable

It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason. To be a successful social media manager, you need to make your audience feel like they’re talking to a friend over lunch. This aspect of social media is precisely why you see so many fast-fashion brands using words like, say, “girl” and tonnes of emojis. It’s also the reason why posts target the audience directly. Using words like “you” and “we.” It’s all to create familiarity. Relatable memes are huge across social media, too.

2. You’re interested in current affairs

Being involved in current issues is beneficial. ‘Current’ could be regarding anything – not only politics. On social media, there are trending pages. If you keep up to date, use the hashtags, and stay relevant your brand will get recognized. If you stick to a script, ignore trending events or post-and-go, you’ll rarely create any significant attention. Look at the trending pages – is there something that you could post on your channels which is relevant and relatable? If you’re already interested in current affairs, this should come naturally to you.

3. You look to the future

Social media is an ever-changing thing, and will continuously evolve. You’ll need to adapt alongside it. You should always be looking for new ways that you can grow, using your social media as a catalyst for change. One way to do this is to keep up to date with social media trends. This way you can always be sure that you are not left in the dark. You could also try new things, making you one step ahead of the game. Keeping up with current affairs will help you with this.

4. You adapt easily

Yes, content and social media calendars are necessary. They help you stay on track, keep you regularly posting and help you to track your success. However, adapting to new changes means that your calendar will need to shook up now and then. There will also be last minute deals, trends, and events. Consequently, you’ll have to evolve your plan last minute completely. Not everybody deals well with change. We get it, it’s terrifying and can push you away from the comfort zone. If a difference is something you can’t deal with at all, then perhaps a social media manager career path isn’t for you.

5. You’re social media savvy

You can learn new skills and become quite the guru in social media management services. However, if you’re planning on becoming a social media manager, you should already be pretty social media savvy already. Savvy means, you’ll know exactly how to work every single platform, without much (or any) problems. Social media doesn’t come naturally to everybody, and specific platforms can feel entirely alien to some. Social media managers need to be familiar with the platforms that they use, at the very least. Perhaps you can begin practicing?

6. You’ll have marketing experience

Don’t worry. We’re not saying you should have five years minimum experience in a similar role. Although, that would be wonderful. We are saying that marketing knowledge would be truly fantastic for a social media manager. Not only will this give you inside knowledge into your goals with social media, but you’ll also effectively be able to advertise from social media. Digging into various tools or research is all you need for this. For example, Google Digital Garage is a feel platform, which enables you to learn and expand your skills to grow your business. They offer free courses to become a digital expert. Not bad, thanks to Google.

7. You have patience

Being a social media manager means that you’ll get angry messages, the unthoughtful reviews, and critical comments. We’re all human – we know this can be upsetting and, honestly, annoying. The best social media managers possess patience which is only admirable to everybody else. The last thing you want is your angry breakdown going viral on Twitter. So, when you get a rude message or threatening mention, take a deep breath, and journey down the high road. Nobody’s perfect and patience doesn’t come naturally to everybody. As long as you can control yourself, you’re onto a winner.

8. You have a sense of humor

Again, this ties in with the previous point. Social media isn’t sprinkles and fairies all the time. Sometimes, you need to laugh something off, make a funny (relatable) come back and wait for people to laugh with you. Take Burger King’s social media as an example of this. They’re continually posting ingenious, hilarious, and witty tweets. Sometimes, they follow a viral meme template, other time’s they’re in response to current affairs. Remember, you can be funny without being crude or offensive.

9. You’ll be able to recognize leads

Social media is fun and games, but it’s also there to help you generate leads. As a social media manager, you’ll be able to recognize when an opportunity to gain a new customer or sale arises.

You can do this by:

  • Following keywords
  • Keeping up to date with all your comments and direct messages
  • Checking out your competitors

A great social media manager will use their relatable tone, savvy skills, and marketing experience to bounce off leads.
Did you know that social media marketing has reduced the costs for companies by 45%?

10. You’re great with analytics

Of course, there is some admin- tasks associated with social media managing. This work usually comes in the form of checking your analytics. Admittedly, it isn’t the most thrilling of tasks, but it’s essential. Analytics can also be interesting.

Analytics will help you know where you’re doing great, places you can improve, and opportunities which you are missing. They give you valuable insight into:

  • The attention
  • Engagement
  • Follow rate

The best thing is, the platforms themselves set these out just for you to use. They’ll sometimes even send you a notification stating that your engagement rate went up and down. It’s a social media manager’s best friend, to be honest.

11. Be organized and focused

Yes, we touched on how spontaneity is critical, but being held is also vital. We’ll explain. A calendar or schedule is essential for social media managers. Being ordered can help you remember to post, remind you to check analytics or notify you of an upcoming holiday. A great example of this would be by keeping up to date with national holidays. Hashtags like ‘#NationalMuseumSelfieDay’ would be forgotten entirely, unless you reminded yourself of them in a diary or calendar.

Furthermore, it’s imperative to maintain linguistic and orthographic consistency as well. This is why as a social media manager, you need to have access to the top editing services available to you and collaborate with them regularly. A mixture or organization and adaptability is the perfect recipe.

12. You’re consistent and passionate

Social media as a day job, we hate to say it, can sometimes lose its novelty. As well as a passion for the job, you’ll need to remain consistent, even when you don’t feel like it. You could be managing the social media of a brand you love and admire. However, some of the tasks might not be enjoyable like the monitoring and scheduling, or you could just be having a bad day. You won’t like your job every second, of every day. Nevertheless, that’s the same for every job you get. Remaining passionate and consistent throughout the hard bits makes for the perfect social media manager.


You’re probably thinking “seriously?” right now. The truth is, social media managing for a brand isn’t as easy as you might initially believe. That’s doesn’t make it any less rewarding, though. With these qualities (some of which can certainly be taught to you) you’ll be on your way to becoming an incredible social media manager. If you don’t have all these qualities, give it a try, and see if it works for you and the company. After all, if social media has taught us anything, it’s that some things can’t be understood.

Author Bio:

Daniela McVicker is a passionate digital marketer. Daniela is interested in everything related to SEO and blogging. She collaborates with Ratedbystudents and other websites where she shares her experience and helps marketers make their name in the online world.