How to be a Successful Lawyer on Facebook?

With the social media phenomenon we all know as Facebook, everything is possible, especially for businesses. It is here that you’ll see very young businesses rise to the top in record time because of all the exposure and publicity Facebook offers. However, this kind of publicity isn’t only reserved for whole businesses. Sometimes, you will see individuals that are so popular in Facebook that you can’t help but wonder how they did it. In this case a certain Jacob Sapochnick continues to make waves as the most successful lawyer in Facebook today.

With almost one hundred thousand (yes you read right) fans and more than three thousand ratings it almost seems a little too good to be true. However, the cold hard facts are standing right in front of you. How did this immigration attorney located in San Diego succeed where so many have failed?

Jacob isn’t afraid to take risks that deviate from the norm.

While many would tell you that marketing is best done in a compact and clever way, Jacob on the other hand utilizes a mix of both organic as well as paid marketing that seems to be paying off even though it probably shouldn’t. He has 440 collective ads and the very top ad he has concerns fan acquisition. However, this isn’t the kind of fan acquisition that goes after a certain demographic, this ad has a gigantic target, which is basically a number of cities all around his San Diego office.

How is it working?

The giant audience tactic normally does not work because of the sheer number of people in that target demographic. It is often wiser to go after smaller audiences because it allows you to specifically target an audience you feel will respond to your ads. Jacob on the other hand is appealing to a gigantic target audience and they are responding in a surprisingly positive way. With a tactic known as CPM bidding (with Facebook handling the bidding), he was able to get fans for a reasonable amount of money without having to go through too much effort.

What about his second-best ad?

The #2 ad that Jacob makes use of is a sponsored story. This one makes more sense as a story appeals to many different people and while the results fluctuate you can trust that it will definitely lead to some fans no matter what. The sponsored story when compared to regular ads is far more favorable, which is why this successful Facebook lawyer chose such an ad.

He isn’t promoting his work specifically.

This is perhaps what is most clever about Jacob Sapochnick. What he does is he posts on stories that are relevant to his line of work, rather than straight-out promoting immigration services. For example, one of the most popular stories he posted in involves Steven Seagal’s prejudice over immigrants.

You can clearly see that when it all boils down to it, Jacob is just like everyone else, only he is not afraid to take risks and is being clever about how he promotes his line of work. This was enough for him to snatch the title as the most successful lawyer in all of Facebook.