How to Build Up a Community in Google Plus

How to Build Up a Community in Google Plus


You’re aware of the importance of social media for any promotion. That’s why you’re doing your best to increase your base of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For that purpose, you turn to paid advertising and social media management services.                             

What about Google Plus? Are you one of the many people who decide to ignore this platform? If that’s the case, then you need to change something about that.


Why Do You Need Google+, Anyway?

Google+ is a social media network that takes your Google account as its foundation. It seems similar to Facebook and Twitter at first. You upload your profile and cover photo, and you start posting content and building connections. You can assign those contacts to circles, and then you can begin creating curated circles for different interests.


Do you know what the difference is?

Your feed won’t be full of family vacation photos and engagement announcements. It will be loaded with content you actually like. That’s why Google+ is great for the usual users, who want a more established and relevant platform than Facebook.


What happens with those interested in promotion?

The platform is crucial to them! It will help you connect with people interested in what you offer. You can build an entire community around your products and offer full-on customer support via Google+. That’s precisely what Motorola does through its Moto X y Z page. The community has over 37K members, and it’s pretty active.

Is that reason not good enough for you? Get this: it’s Google. When people are searching for reviews of your company or product, the Google+ page will appear in the results. More content on Google+ helps you rank higher on Google. Good enough, no?


How to Build a Community on Google+

So yes, it’s pretty clear that you need to start using this network. The only question is: how?

Without proper activity, your community will look like a ghost town. We don’t want that.

You need a proper base of followers, which will keep growing by the day. We’ll give you few tips on how to do that.


1.Start from Scratch

  • You can start building a Google+ community for free so that you can promote your brand and products. It’s effortless to create it:
  • Go to your Google+ profile. You’ll notice the option Communities in the menu on the left. Click on it.
  • Now, you see a list of the communities you’ve already started, as well as a button that says Create Community. Click on it.
  • Choose your preferences and start your community. That’s it.
  • Don’t forget to upload a photo. It may be the brand’s logo or another image that will make the community look professional.
  • Write something relevant in the About Community section. The page has to be complete if you want more people to join.


2. Invite Members

Do you already have some connections? If that’s the case, you can invite them to join your community. Invite friends, colleagues, and influencers from the specific niche. You’ll get that option before your community goes live.

Just type a friendly message to accompany the invitation and tell them what the community is about. Explain that this is a pre-launch invitation. Once they get in, they can start inviting other people to join.

You can continue inviting other people, too. Make the invites personal and send them only to people with relevant interests. No one likes spammy invitations.


3. Share the News!

You just started a community? That’s great! Now, share the news via your Google+ page of your company, as well as via your personal profile. Share the information across other social media channels, too. Many of the followers you have on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are already using Google+. If they see unique value in this community, they will join.


4. Nurture a Special Relationship with the Community Members

Do you know what makes the difference between successful Google+ communities and ghost towns? Engagement.

Google Plus management, just like the management process of any other social profile, goes beyond inviting people to join. It is vital to give each person what they expect. Otherwise, they will see no point in being members of the group.

  1. How do you nurture these relationships?
  • Be there! When someone asks a question, answer! Recommend the best ways to use your products or services. How can the users get the most out of them? Treat the community as a customer service centre. If someone is trying to reach it and they get no response, they will have a poor overall impression of your brand.
  • Start discussions. Ask questions related to the purpose of the community, so you’ll keep the members active.
  • Ask how the users would like you to improve the product. People love leaving feedback that would make a product they prefer even better.
  • Acknowledge the effort of the most active members of your community. You can add them in a closed circle, where you’ll share discount codes or suggest Google hangouts


5. Give Them Content

Your Google+ community must offer great value to its members. That’s how you keep the existing members happy, and you keep attracting new ones.

Posting high-quality content every single day is a general rule of managing social media pages. Share links to your blog or great content from other sites would matter to the members. The important thing is to keep them active. Accompany each link you share with an intriguing comment or question that would get them engaged.

If you don’t know how to create all this content to share, you can rely on a writing service to help you with that.

Daily activity will get you a steady stream of followers.


Go the Extra Mile!

There’s another great thing about Google+: social media marketers are not using its full potential. What does this mean? More for you!

If done well, a Google+ community can boost the reputation of your brand. Google+ community has a more responsive platform compared to the other social network’s activities. This enables you to create a genuine community around your product. Make that effort!


Written by:

William Grigsby is a business freelance writer that writes on a wide variety of subjects. Besides marketing, business, and SEO, William’s passion for the Social Media industry had him turn his attention towards the field.  | Twitter @willgrgsb