How to Delete Twitter Dms?

Dms are direct messages or private messages that users send to each other. Now, these direct messages are private which means that no one else can see it except the two people in the conversation. Think of the direct message as an email where Twitter is the platform. Now, one of the problems that most beginner users would have with dms is about how to delete Twitter dms. A lot of newbie Twitter users would often complain that they can’t find the “Delete” option. In order to help the newbies out there, this article will give a step by step explanation on how to delete Twitter Dms.

First, go to the “Messages” portion which can be found in your Twitter dashboard (check the upper left corner). After that, you will see a list of messages or conversations between you and your friends. Click on the conversation and click the “…” icon in the upper right corner. When you click on the icon, a drop down will appear with three options. The three options are “Turn Off Notifications”, “Delete Conversation”, and “Flag”. To delete the conversation, simply click on the “Delete Conversation”.

Upon clicking on the “Delete Conversation” option, a small window will confirm whether you want to really delete the conversation or not. If you do, then click on “Delete”. If you’ve changed your mind, then click on “Cancel”. When you do this, the whole conversation between you and the person you are sending messages to will be gone.