How to Do Facebook Emoticons?

Facebook is the mother of all social media, and like any other social media channels, it can’t be complete without emoticons. In the virtual world where people could not personally see each other, emoticons are important in showing people your emotional reactions to every situation. It enables social engagement to be better, and it also strengthens the bond among all users. To those people who use Facebook regularly, they surely know how to do Facebook emoticons already. However, for those who have just jumped on the bandwagon, they still need to further know about it.

The process is not difficult at all. For you to create emoticons while you’re chatting with a person or a group privately, you simply have to select the desired emoticon by clicking on the emoticon icon on the lower right corner of your conversation thread. You’re even capable of having more emoticons for free by going to the sticker store and choosing any type of emoticon you like. The same process goes in placing emoticons on the comment box. You just need to click the emoticon icon for easy selection or type the text symbol of the familiar emoticons you like. In posting a status on Facebook, you can explicitly tell your exact feeling and choose the emoticon that matches it. You can also place the text symbol of the emoticons you love. In placing captions for your photos or videos, you also need to know the text symbol of the emoticon you want to create. This is simple for those emojis you already know. However, if you want to try something else, you can look it up on the web. This is the basic process on how to do Facebook emoticons.