How to Make Facebook Emoticons?

Probably nobody can imagine how it’s like to go on social media without emoticons. Emojis are already a staple part of the digital socialization. Since people do not see each other face-to-face, emoticons are very helpful for them to show their varying emotional states. Avid Facebook users know a lot of Facebook emoticons, and it’s impossible for them to have zero idea on how to make Facebook emoticons. However, for those who are still new to social media, they might want to get started from the basics.

It’s not hard to make emoticons. In fact, it’s extremely easy. If you intend to place emoticons while you are chatting with someone on your private conversation thread, you don’t need to type the emoticons manually anymore. You just have to click on the emoticon icon on the right side of the text field and choose the right emoticon that you want to use. The same goes in posting comments on Facebook. However, it’s a different case when you are making captions for photos and videos. You cannot choose an emoticon from a tab.

You really need to input the text form of the emoticons for them to appear as you hit “Done Editing”. In posting a Facebook status update, you can also type in the symbol of the emoticon that you want to appear. Furthermore, you can choose the exact feeling that you want to express and select a suitable emoticon that fits it.

These are the fundamentals how to make Facebook emoticons. It’s indeed remarkable how simple text symbols can bring life to digital social interactions.