How to Manage your Social Accounts While on Vacation

It used to be that living the worker’s dream involved only working from home. In this day and age, the worker’s dream now involves being able to effectively run a business while relaxing happily on a beach or enjoying a theme park. Fortunately for you and many others who seek this so-called fabled dream, this is perfectly viable for people who run their businesses with social media networks (which technically includes most businesses today).

Managing social accounts is tough most especially when you’re in vacation.

Here’s some tips on how to manage it while enjoying your day.


Twitter App

One of the reasons why the Twitter App makes this list is because of its ability to seamlessly switch from one account to another, with notifications going to your phone all the while. Most people involved with running a social media engagement have a multitude of accounts for business (and pleasure) purposes. Twitter App makes managing these accounts an absolute breeze.


The keyword for success in any social media business foray is communication. If you keep constant communication with all of the people who work for you as well as potential clients and customers, chances are your business is in no danger of sinking. With Skype, you can do this while on vacation. It might take some time off while you talk and make plans, but it certainly makes life much easier. The fact that you can easily have group video sessions with your team members while on vacation is definitely a boon to anyone spearheading a social media engagement.



Here’s a nifty program that isn’t just for you but your consumers and fan base as well. It basically makes your customer support much easier to manage because it allows easy response to the tickets your consumers send. The fact that you can easily respond with your phone makes Zendesk a must-have program for anyone who is managing a business. Being able to respond straight away will also do wonders in the form of consumer-trust. All of this while on vacation; it’s almost too good to be true.

Post Plannerexit-intent

One of the most important programs out there, Post Planner does exactly as it says, it allows you to plan several days ahead with little to no effort involved. When you’ve scheduled a week’s worth of content to automatically be uploaded you’ll find that there’s actually little to do during that time, which is perfect for those who are on vacation.

Without a doubt, you can go on vacation without a worry in the world so long as you have these four programs to help you out. Twitter App can keep you notified with updates, Skype allows you to keep up communications with both your consumers and your team, Zendesk lets you easily perform customer support with your phone, and Post Planner helps put everything together so that you can go on vacation in the first place. Have fun!