How to Retrieve Deleted Dms on Twitter?

There are a lot of times when Twitter users would accidentally delete dms or direct messages that mean something to them. When this happens, these users would ask themselves if there is actually a way to retrieve those deleted dms on Twitter. Well, there are two ways on how to retrieve deleted dms on Twitter. If this sort of problem has happened to you, then this article will teach you some tricks on how to retrieve deleted dms on Twitter.

First, you have to remember that if you delete a message in your inbox, it is only deleted in your database and not the database of the recipient or recipients. If you really want to know the contents of the message that you deleted, you can just ask them to send a screenshot of the conversation.

Another way to retrieve those deleted dms is to scrounge through your email. Whenever you receive a message, Twitter will alert you via email. If you open the email that Twitter sent you, you can see what the message says. So if you want to read the contents of a deleted dm, you can just look for the email that Twitter has sent to notify you of that direct message.

Other than those two methods, there is no other way to retrieve deleted messages on Twitter. The system cannot bring back the message once it is already deleted. If you have accidentally deleted an important dm, then just try any of the two tricks that were mentioned above.