How to See Old Dms on Twitter?

Dms are often very personal to people because these are private messages that one has shared with another. It is because of this that most people would keep the messages that mean something to them. However, other messages may start flooding your inbox and you could lose sight of the old messages that mean a lot to you. If your old and sentimental messages are lost in the flood of newer messages that you have received, no worries because you can still see those old direct messages. As long as you haven’t deleted them, they are still there. This article will teach users how to see old dms on Twitter.

The first step is to click on the “Messages” option in the top left corner of your Twitter page. Click on that option and you will be lead to your inbox. From there, all you have to do is scroll down and find the conversations that you want to see again. If you don’t like scrolling down, you can press CTRL+F and a small space bar will appear on the top right side of your browser page. Type some words of the conversation you want to revisit and the browser will automatically bring you to it.

If you cannot seem to find those old direct messages, then you may visit the FAQs section of Twitter to get more information on this matter. The FAQs section can teach you how to see old dms on Twitter as well as how to retrieve the dms that were deleted.