How to Tag In Twitter?

twitter tag

Tagging is a very popular feature in the social media platform known as Twitter. You have to know how to tag on Twitter if you want to show a friend or a random stranger a post of yours. However, not everyone knows how to tag in Twitter. With this article, you will learn how to tag your friends and other people in your post. Now, whether you post a Tweet, a picture, or a video, tagging a person requires the same method.

In order to tag your friend in a post that you make, you just have to type the “@” sign followed by the username of that person. If you don’t know the username, type in the name of that person and a list of people with that name will appear on a drop down menu. Just click on the person you want to tag and then post. Once you post, the person you tagged will be notified that he or she has been tagged in your post and can see it anytime he wants. When he or she sees the post, he may Retweet, Reply, or simply Like it. If he or she replies to the post, he or she will automatically be tagging his or her friend back along with a reply.

If you want to know more about tagging and how to tag in Twitter, then you should check out the FAQs section of Twitter. There is a section there that deals on how tagging works and how a user can tag friends in posts.