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tag someone in a Facebook post after posting
How to Tag Someone in a Facebook Post after Posting?
February 3, 2016
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February 3, 2016

How to Tag on Facebook?

Tag on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most influential social media network. This social media allows people to meet and share important events in each other’s lives. Facebook has a certain feature called “Tag”

Tag or Tagging allows the Facebook user to share his or her post, status, events, pictures and videos with one or more Facebook user. When a Facebook user tags another person or a group of person, those people tagged on a certain post, pictures or videos will be redirected to that exact post. This is also applicable when the Facebook user tags himself on a post, picture or videos created by people on his or her friend list.

So how do you tag people in Facebook?

For posts and statuses, after the user has typed down or uploaded a picture on the status area, he or she can tag a friend by clicking the icon. After clicking the icon, the user can now tag people from the friends list. Another way of tagging friends is by writing “@” before the name of the person. This is easier compared to clicking the icon and browsing over the list.

For pictures, the user must open the picture and look for “Tag Friend”. After doing so, Facebook will tell the user to tag anywhere. The user can also try right clicking twice, and the user will be prompted to whom he or she will tag the photo. If the user wants to tag himself, she can follow the same procedure.

If it is a video, after uploading the video, it is very similar with tagging a friend, look for the “Tag Friend”, click the icon and tag a friend.

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