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Tag People in Facebook
How to Tag Photos on Facebook?
February 9, 2016
tagging people on facebook
How to Tag People on Facebook?
February 10, 2016

How to Tag People in Facebook?

Tag People in Facebook

There are ways to tag people in Facebook; you can tag them in a post or a status update, you can tag them in a photo or video, and you can also tag them in a page or a group.

How to tag people in Facebook:

  • In a post or a status update.

In the status box, you will notice a set of images or icons located at the lower portion of the box. The icons are a camera, an outline of a headshot with a plus sign, a smiley, and an inverted teardrop shape.

  • The camera icon is for photos or videos to be added.
  • The outline of a headshot with a plus sign is for tagging people in your post.
  • The smiley is for an emoji that will represent what is on you mind and how you feel at the moment.
  • The inverted teardrop shape is used to pinpoint your current location.

When you type texts in yourstatus box, you can tag your friends using the headshot icon. When you click the headshot icon, a box will appear with the question “who are you with?” You just need to input the names of your friends as theyappearon Facebook, and when you post your status update, your friends, whose names you have inputted, are automatically tagged in the post.

  • In a photo or a video

The camera icon in the status box has been mentioned above. It is used to upload photos or videos. When photos are being uploaded, images of people whom you have tagged in the past will automatically be tagged in the photo. Those whom the system in Facebook do not recognized will be tagged manually by you, the uploader. You can point the mouse cursor above the face you want to tag, left-click on the mouse and a box will appear where you can type the name of the person you want to tag in Facebook.

You can tag people in Facebook on photos already uploaded. Just click on the photo and you can see at the bottom part of the photo a selection of choices: Make profile picture, Tag photo, Options, Share, Send, Like.

The Tag photo choice is also present at the upper right side of the photo, below the photo description. It is accompanied with Add location and Edit choices.

You simply click on the Tag photo command and add the names of the people you want to tag in Facebook.

Tagging people in a video also follow the same set of steps as tagging people in a photo.

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