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Tag Someone In Facebook Video
How to Tag Someone in Facebook Video?
February 15, 2016
How To Tag In Facebook
How to Tag in Facebook?
February 15, 2016

How to Tag Someone in a Facebook Status?

Tag Someone In A Facebook Status

Status tagging is one of the common activities done in Facebook as soon as a person logs in. However, do you know how to tag someone in a Facebook status? If not, then you must know it so that you can let your Facebook friends know what you currently have in mind. Obviously, status is the way of showing the feelings and thoughts of an individual or mentioning things that they want to share.

Here’s how to tag Facebook status:

  1. First is to write down your thoughts on the status update box. If you want to tag your friends, before posting it you should add first the name of the person that you want to tag.
  2. Click the @ symbol before choosing the name so that it will automatically appear.
  3. Click the name of your friend that you want to tag with your status update.
  4. Press the “post” option and there you go.

Once you’re done tagging, the person will receive notification on their wall linking to your post. However, other people have the option whether to accept or remove the tags. Thus, aside from knowing the right way on how to tag someone in Facebook status, you should also ensure that your status updates will be engaging and meaningful.

Though Facebook allows posting status updates, users should be responsible enough in posting their status. Each one has the right to post status, but it should be done in a nice way without creating conflict or misunderstanding with other people.

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