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How To Tag In Facebook
How to Tag in Facebook?
February 15, 2016
how to tag someone in a facebook comment
How to Tag Someone in a Facebook Comment?
February 18, 2016

How to Tag Someone in Facebook Post?

How To Tag Someone In Facebook Post

Tagging is one of the most popular of all features in Facebook because it can let you connect with your friends in a really fun way. But what if you don’t know how to tag someone in a Facebook post? To make things easy for you, here are two methods that will allow you to tag people in a post. First, you have to click on the “Status Update” bar (you can choose to post a status or to post a picture with a message below it). After that, write your message and type in the “@” sign right before you type in the name of the friend that you want to tag. When you do this, a drop down will pop out with your friend’s name. Click on that and your friend will automatically be tagged to the post.

Recently, Facebook added an alternative method to tagging that involves not using the “@” symbol anymore. You can just directly type the name of your friend on the status bar but with the first letter of his name capitalized. His name should automatically appear in a drop down. Click on his name and he will be tagged to your post. If the drop down doesn’t want to appear, keep on trying until it does. Sometimes this new feature doesn’t work properly so you have to keep on trying.

If you are still having some trouble tagging people in your posts, then learn more about how to tag someone in a Facebook post by visiting the FAQs section of Facebook.

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