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Tag Someone In A Facebook Photo
How to Tag Someone in a Facebook Photo?
February 15, 2016
Tag Someone In A Facebook Status
How to Tag Someone in a Facebook Status?
February 15, 2016

How to Tag Someone in Facebook Video?

Tag Someone In Facebook Video

With the many videos that contain random things, things that we can relate to or learn about, it’s best to help others know more about it. That’s why tagging/mentioning people in these video files are allowed in order to gain a quick link that leads them to that video. This is also perfect if you want to tag them because they are actually part of the said video.

If you want to know how to tag someone in Facebook video, all you need is to go to the video page. Click the ‘tag this video’ link on the page for you to type in the people that you want to tag. Once done, you can just press the ‘done editing’ option for you to include them right away. If you’re uploading the video, don’t forget to just press ‘@’, followed by your friend’s name/s for them to be tagged right away. If you want another alternative, you can just type in ‘@’ and then the name on the comments section.

A lot of people tend to use this whenever they want to show someone a video that’s funny, or if they just simply want to show that they are in the video. Tagging really is a convenient feature in Facebook, and it helps people gain information and other entertaining media in a much faster way than before. So, be sure to learn how to tag someone in Facebook video as it’s important for various purposes when using the social media platform.

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