How to Tag Someone on Tumblr?

Tumblr has finally given in to the requests of millions of their users. Just like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Tumblr has embraced the functionality of the @ sign – a new feature that is fun, practical and easy to use in communicating with other users of the said site.

Apparently, using the new feature is hassle-free.

1. First, by simply typing the @ symbol, a list of users that is auto generated pops up.

2. Once the list appears, it is now possible to hover over the specific username or profile to mention.

3. Moreover, by clicking on the chosen profile, a notification is sent in their Activity page informing them that someone has tagged them.

That is how to tag someone on Tumblr is done. Clearly, interaction with fellow Tumblr users has never been this effortless.

Although, this may just seem to be a small update from Tumblr, typing the @ symbol has changed how to tag someone on Tumblr should be. For one thing, it created a huge impact that has made a big difference for all its users. From just being able to post images and photos, users can now easily inform and notify other Tumblr users about their recent activities and somehow start interacting with each other. Obviously, by embracing the functionality of the @symbol, Tumblr has only high hopes for their followers to enjoy the most of what they can offer.

All in all, we expect for Tumblr to continue evolving to constantly update and please its users. This is just the start.