How to Track a Tag on Tumblr?

Tracking a tag on Tumblr is one guaranteed way to know that your insights are in the trending zones. Business men and bloggers alike use this site to know the hottest updates of their interests. This quick guide will give you reliable pointers on how to track a tag on Tumblr and steps on doing so.

Reliable Pointers

1. Before having the actual steps, you must keep these in mind with this blogging site:You can only track your tag from the tag page.

2. You will not be able to find it on search engines.

3. You would find your tag in the drop down menu which reveals itself when you’re in the search.

4. You would be limited to 20 tracked tags in place.

5. If you made a mistake, you can untracked a tag. The “Untrack This Tag” line appears as you are monitoring one and you wish for a replacement.

The Procedure

1. Open the tag page by clicking the tag on your dashboard’s post or by simply typing the tag page address.

2. You will find the tags on the left side. Click: “Track this Tag”. This is in gray letters underneath the tag.

3. For apps on a tablet or smartphone, look for the tag and tap a Filter. Then don’t forget to Save Search.

4. With this quick guide, you will always be able to know how your tags are going. Other users on Tumblr would then want to share your insights, services, or ideas. Whenever you’re tracking a tag on Tumblr, you would definitely find this article sweetly handy.