Sharing Content Top Reasons You Are Doing Wrong

The real reason why people sharing content is a simple fact that is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to make engaging content.

No doubt that most businesses out there who are obsessed with having their products branded for all to see are coming up with all sorts of strategies via countless studies. They want to be able to find patterns based on observing how a user goes about their content and the reason why they share it. In this search, they’ve made theories such as what area of a website will make people want to share their content more, or something similar. Does this sound ridiculous to you? In the business marketing world this is often treated very seriously but in all honesty, there are far simpler reasons that people aren’t sharing content.

A great example would be catted videos. For some crazy reason, people just can’t help but love these silly cat videos and instinctively share the content to others, who then repeat the cycle and share to others still. When you look at it plainly, there is a very simple reason for it and that is because it is worth sharing. It’s funny and/or cute and will likely make your friends smile, which is reason enough to share it.

Top Reasons You Are Doing Wrong in  a Sharing Content 


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If the content is not worth sharing then it won’t be shared.

No matter how smart a business tries to be by placing certain ads in areas they feel are clicked more on average, if the content is boring and not engaging in the slightest then no-one will bother to sharing content. It doesn’t matter if the ad is located in the sub-header, the columns or anything like that. The fact of the matter is if it doesn’t make the user feel good or make others feel good for sharing then there is absolutely no reason to share it.

Will it make the user feel better for sharing?

That is the true question that should be asked by anyone who is in the business of building attractive advertisements or content. Content becomes engaging when it makes the user feel good for sharing it. Videos about cute babies laughing their little butts off, this makes the user feel good to share because it makes others feel good about the user. It makes the person who shared the content seem like someone you can rely on when it comes to any aspect in particular.

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Empower the user.

The trick is not to make an advertisement with the goal of the users to make only the business or service look good to others, the real and simple reason why people share content is because makes them look good to others. Internet users, in general, can be selfish in a selfless way because they are willing to share entertaining or important content if they get a bit of recognition in return. With this kind of strategy in mind, any business will be able to post engaging content straight away.