Social Media Guidelines for Getting the Edge over Competitors

Everyone knows that using social media on getting edge over their competitor is one of the best way to beat them. We all know that the world of business marketing is a brutal one. It’s filled to the brim with businesses both young and old trying to edge each other out and make it on top. Unfortunately, this means that the former is often stepped on because of the latter’s overall experience. Experience often means learning from others, so here are seven business marketing ideas that have surfaced from the trial and error of businesses that came before yours.

Top 6 Social Media Guidelines for Getting the Edge over Competitors


1. Engaging content is all about going with the trends

Fickle is quite an appropriate word when describing what the world of business marketing is like. One minute most of the people in your target demographic are interested in a particular thing, and then the next they make a complete hundred and eighty degree turn to focus on something else. Learning all about the pattern of these trends and going along with it is a great way of creating (and maintaining) engaging content.

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2. Take care of your fan base

Some businesses don’t allow their own fans to post on their Facebook wall, which pretty much ensures that their fan base will never grow as large as they want them to. It’s important to treat your fans with the utmost care, because these kinds of actions are returned in time. Devotion begets devotion.

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3. Your profile needs optimization, pronto

As a budding business you need to make sure that everything is running at optimum efficiency. When this saying is translated to your Facebook page it simply means that the content any and all visitors see as soon as they step foot in your main page needs to attract and engage straight away.

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4. Remember to always take note of what’s working, and what isn’t

Even though you are taking these ideas from the successes and failures of other businesses, it is still very prudent to always be taking note of what is currently working with your marketing ploy and what isn’t. Make plenty of tests and always record the results. You’ll be surprised at how effective your marketing strategy will be because of it.

Timeline-for-Scholarship-Projects5. Social media needs to be on the limelight

Being in the business of marketing your services, you likely already have multiple marketing channels that are hard at work. The perfect way to boost their productivity is to align them with your foray into social media. Thankfully it isn’t a difficult thing to do.


6. Consider other social media markets

While Facebook is certainly one of the (if not most) successful social media network out there, always keep an eye out on where your potential customer base will be. There are other networks out there that could use your attention.

While copying the more successful brands can sometimes lead to success, it is often far better to pave your own way. You can use your successful competitors as examples, but it is never wise to completely copy their style.

So long as you keep these ideas in mind, your foray into business marketing is sure to be successful. Do your best and edge out those competitors!