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Top sites will help you spruce up your Facebook Page


Many consider their Facebook page to not only be a website which can be customized and messed around with as they see fit, they see it as a reflection of themselves for all to see. Whether this happens to be a business trying to promote their services or a personal page that showcases a person’s thoughts through blogs, social media continues to dominate today’s digital age. Unfortunately, while customization is easy enough, if you really want your page to stand out then one of the most important things you can have is a catchy Facebook cover picture and overall design.

While some might say that this is easier said than done, all you really need is access to the right kind of resource in order to get yourself that Facebook cover picture and design you’ve been waiting for. Here are four websites that are sure to meet your any and every need as far as covers and design templates go.

Here are four websites that are sure to meet your any and every need as far as covers and design templates go



On first glance, Etsy seems to be a website that focuses on wonderful handmade items that you can order online. While this is generally true, this is not the only thing their services provide. Are you looking for great themes you can use on your website’s blog? How about things such as logos or perhaps business cards? Etsy has it all and for a reasonable price, too.



Creative Market

Unlike the first website, Creative Market focuses solely on website design. This means that you will find a veritable gold mine of themes you can choose from. You can also go for more specific downloads such as fonts or backgrounds, with each and every one possessing a high standard of quality which is what makes Creative Market so great.



Just as the name suggests, Swiftly promises to get the job done, and fast. They specialize in design jobs and are one of the best in the business. They can easily set up a quality Facebook Cover picture and overall theme for you to use straight away. It’s a mix of quality and speed that you rarely see these days, and they definitely will not disappoint.

Canvadownload (1)

Last but not least, the services that Canva provides is often more than enough for anyone who is looking to design an awesome Facebook page. They do their magic on themes and the like, even giving you a choice of sample templates for free. Of course, the backgrounds that you do pay for are so much better, but the quality of their free content is often more than enough for personal Facebook pages.

From these four websites alone (or even just one of them), you are able to create a proper design template and theme for your Facebook page that is sure to be the envy of your friends. All it takes is a bit of time, effort and perhaps money to create a cover picture and template that reflects you and your website in the best way possible.

Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson
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