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Will Changing the Unique Selling Proposition Strategy Help Twitter Attract Users Worldwide?


Twitter | Troop SocialTwitter is considering the addition of a new feature in their service by allowing their users to tweet more than 140 characters. That new feature which will be added in the upcoming days clearly shows the complete diversion in their strategy. That feature will be available for users until the end of the first quarter.

As compared to their conventional method that was considered unique and distinctive, the new innovation is going to boost the character limit. According to sources, they are now considering 10000 characters limit for each tweet– that’s the same character limit which is used by the company for their direct messages product. It’s early to suspect that by changing their unique selling proposition strategy (140 character word count), Twitter finds more new users across the globe.

Will Changing the Unique Selling Proposition Strategy Help Twitter Attract Users Worldwide?

The CEO Jack Dorsey was looking to grab the attraction of online social media users and because of that, the company has thrown a variety of ideas in the market. It sounds obvious from the speech of Jack Dorsey that the company is somehow getting desperate to find a new way of penetrating their product to the mainstream audience.  Allowing longer tweets might be the new way for the company to keep the interest of the existing and new customers in using Twitter. That feature will allow publishers and writers to directly tweet or share their writings by using Twitter instead of Facebook and LinkedIn.

By implementing the feature of more than 140 characters, Twitter might face the problem of spamming. According to sources, Twitter has planned to get in touch with their analysts and measurement partners to prepare a mechanism for longer tweets handler at the end of this month. By doing that, they can easily observe the expected problems that they can face after the complete launching of their new product in the market.

Twitter | Troop SocialFrom the emergence of Facebook age, Twitter is facing a severe threat of their existence, and because of that reason, they have to incorporate new innovative strategies to gain back their customers’ interest. A higher number of characters might look odd because that strategy is against their unique selling proposition rule, which was to keep the length of the tweet up to 140 characters only. Implementing this new strategy might be risky since they still don’t know how the general user base will respond, but it will certainly help Twitter to get more space in the market to thrive and compete with their rival social media firms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snap chat.

This article was written by Syed Qasim. He is a Digital Marketing Expert at Kualitatem. Kualitatem is an award winning software testing company. They are also providing responsive testing services to their clients.

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