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What Is Instagram Dms Online
What is Instagram DMs Online?
February 18, 2016
How To Tag On Instagram
How to Tag on Instagram?
February 18, 2016

What are Dms in Instagram?

Dms In Instagram

Dms is an abbreviation of Direct Message. Dms are the exchange threaded messages by the users in Instagram Direct, a messaging feature of Instagram. Dms can be in text, pictures, profiles, hashtags, location and videos. Dms cannot be shared publicly due to privacy purposes.

The user can manage his or her dms thru the icon at the upper right side of screen. The mailbox icon allows the user to view and create dms to other Instagram users. When creating text messages, the user has to click the mailbox icon. After clicking the icon, the user can now choose a recipient or a group of recipients to send the dms that the user wishes to send.

The user can also send pictures and videos thru dms. The user can go to the mailbox. The user should click on the camera icon at the lower left side of the screen. The user can upload pictures and videos from his or her gallery, or the user can upload a new picture or video on the spot while he or she is on Instagram Direct then tap “Send”. He can send his or her dms up to 15 recipients.

The user can send post from the feed as dms as well. He should go to the post and click the arrow icon, after clicking the icon, he can send the post as a direct message. The user can also send Instagram profiles, hashtags and location. He should look for the profile hashtag or location and look for the arrow icon and choose a recipient.

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