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What is DMS on Twitter?

DMS on Twitter

If you use Twitter very often, you will definitely come across the term “dm”. What is dms on Twitter? Dm is an acronym for direct message and is one of the most widely used features by users on Twitter. A direct message is an instant message that only the sender and the intended receiver or receivers are supposed to see. This is often used by those who wish to converse with people privately as no one else can see the conversation. Now that you know what is dms on Twitter, let’s discuss how to send a dm.

In order to send a dm, you first have to go to the “Messages” portion of your Twitter page (take a look at the upper left corner of your page). Click on the “Messages” option and you will be brought to your Inbox. If you take a look at the upper right corner of your Inbox, there is a button with the words “New Message” on it. Click that, then you will be able to compose a new message. First, you will have to choose which friend you will send the message to. Your friend list will appear so that you can choose which friend. Once you have chosen, click on his or her name and click on “Next”. After that, you can now type your message. Create your message and then click on “Send”. Once you have clicked on “Send”, your friend will receive an update that you have sent him or her a message.

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