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How To Tag Someone In Facebook Comment
How to Tag Someone in Facebook Comment?
February 18, 2016
Dms In Instagram
What are Dms in Instagram?
February 18, 2016

What is Instagram DMs Online?

What Is Instagram Dms Online

Instagram is a social media site where Instagram users can share their posts, pictures and videos with their friends and to their followers. Instagram alongside Facebook, both had been able to garner millions of subscribers all over the world. Just like other social media sites, Instagram users often communicate thru messaging application. The messaging application in Instagram was called Instagram Direct or Instagram DMs online. It was created by Kevin Systrom, founder and creator of Instagram in December 2013 after Instagram was well received by people worldwide.

Instagram DMS online, or abbreviated as dms by Instagram users, means direct message. Here, users can exchange pictures (from their gallery or pictures taken on the spot), profiles, locations, videos, hashtags and text to a certain person or a group of people. Instagram Direct is similar to the Facebook Messaging app called “Facebook Messenger”. When the user uses Instagram dms online, he or she will now be able to exchange threaded messages, pictures and videos with their friends, similar to Facebook Messenger and other messaging applications.

Direct Messages will appear on the sender’s feed, but it will only be visible to the Instagram users who will be receiving the Dms. Users will be notified when they receive a direct message from their friends. Dms can’t be shared from Instagram to other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Hashtags and location will also not appear on the dms. This is to ensure the privacy of the sender and the recipient/s.

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