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Fan Page Management

Per Fanpage

$149 cross price $186 per month


  • 2 Engaging posts/day
  • 10 Custom graphics posts/month
  • 1 Cover photo redesign/month
  • Comment moderation

* No contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Fan Page Management

Per Fanpage

$249 cross price $311 per month


  • 3 Engaging posts/day
  • 30 Custom graphics posts/month
  • 1 Cover photo redesign/month
  • Comment moderation

* No contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Fan Page Management

Per Fanpage

$549 cross price $686 per month


  • 3 Engaging posts/day
  • 30 Custom graphics posts/month
  • 1 Cover photo redesign/month
  • Comment moderation
  • Facebook Paid Campaign management
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* No contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Package Questions

1What’s the main difference among the 3 plans: Assistant, Professional, Executive?
On the Assistant Package $149, we focus 2 engaging posts/day for a total of 60 posts/month, 10 will be personally crafted for you based on your brand and taste. We will also make sure to add your logo to increase your brand notoriety, monthly cover redesign and comment moderation. While the Professional Package $249, 3 engaging posts/day for a total of 90 posts/month, 30 will be personally crafted for your brand, once a month cover redesign and comment moderation. Lastly, on the Executive Package $549, on top of the 90 posts/ and comment moderation, we will include running a Paid Facebook Campaign with an allocated budget.
2Will the plans get me more likes?
These Facebook fanpage services are designed to post engaging contents because you don’t have time. This will probably grow your likes but not at a very fast rate. The upside of these plans is that your page looks active all the time and this gives your business credibility. Other alternatives are for you to inquire about running a Facebook ad campaign. There is a fee for this and the number of likes really depends on your market and your budget.
3Why the heck is this so cheap?
We don’t call it cheap. We call it value and it’s our competitive advantage. Our specialists can manage up to 6 business fanpages effectively and their efficiency with your company fanpage will improve over time. We think you will get the most value after 2 months, making the deal even sweeter once the relationship with our specialist is established. We are based in the Philippines where there is an economic advantage. Many American, Canadian, European and Australian companies have already recognized the Philippines workforce as a competitive advantage. We’re just bringing that value to small business and entrepreneur in a structured, professional way.
4Do you have a guarantee?
Yes, if for any reason you are not satisfied with our service in the first 30 days, we will fully refund you. That’s it. We are in business to offer value and if we fail you, we won’t charge you. However, if you like or love our service, please tell your friends or colleagues so we can continue to build and grow this service.

General Questions

1Who will actually be posting on my fanpage?
We hire and train content experts. They are essentially super humans with many skills. They are branding and graphic specialists who are well-rounded in business and marketing concepts. All of our experts are University graduates. Their main objective is to engage with your audience exactly how you would if you had the time. We take full ownership and responsibility and the end result will show you that these works are simply from someone who is an extension of your team.
2How do you know what to post?
After signing up, we ask you to answer few easy questions through email. We assign a specialist to our account who will spend hours studying your business, your market and your competition. After this is done, they prepare an editorial calendar for you fanpage. Your feedback in the first weeks is crucial to the specialist grasping your brand voice. We put in the work, but we need your help.
3What do you post exactly?
We post a variety of different content to engage your audience. Text, photos, videos, graphic viral images, promos, repurposed content, industry news, trivia, polls, etc. Whatever gets your audience excited and coming back. Over time, we will be able to see what they respond to mostly and at which specific times during the day.
4Can I post on my own fanpage?
Of course, it’s your page and you stay in control all the time. When you have the time to post, you should.
5I have lots of ideas but no time, how can we handle this?
You can email us any content ideas, photos, promos, etc and we will prepare a professional post for you if you are on the go. If it happens occasionally, then we won’t include it in the daily post limit. If it starts to happen often, and you like the convenience, we will simply ask you to upgrade our plan.
6Do I have to sign a contract?
Nope. No contracts. Cancel anytime. This keeps us on our toes, trying to impress you every month. It reduces the risk on your end to test drive our service. We have a service guarantee, if you aren’t happy with something, we will try to fix it or simply cancel the subscription. If you need to cancel for any reason, it’s not a problem. We just ask that you give us a feedback so that we can improve the service for the next customers.
7Do you like coffee?
Yes, we love coffee. We are a 24/7 operation so we live by the stuff. Coffee makes us happy and we accept fresh coffee beans as Christmas gifts and donations. Okay thanks.
8Do I need fans to sign up?
Yes, you do. For us to deliver our promise of keeping your page active and engaging, you need to have a fanpage with an existing fanbase. It can be small, but it should be real. If you do not have a fanpage or any fans, please check out our blog for tips on starting and growing a fanpage. The only exception we can make is for established businesses with an email list or an audience. If you are willing to announce your fanpage to your existing list to get it up to 100 real fans, then we can work with you. Consider running a Facebook ad campaign to grow your fanbase before signing up.
9Do you have an affiliate program?
No, not yet. We do partner with agencies to offer our services white labeled. If you run a marketing agency or a related company and you think our service is complementary to yours, let’s talk. Despite having awesome rates, we can offer volume discounts to agencies who need more than 10 fanpages managed professionally.

Technical Questions

1Holy geez, how do I sign up?
Click here to see our plans, pick the one that suits you