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Let us manage, moderate and publish engaging content to your Google Plus account.
Account Management

Per Page

$79 cross price $98 per month


  • 5 Custom viral graphics/month
  • 1 Engaging post/day
  • 1 Cover photo redesign/month
  • Comment Moderation

* No contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Account Management

Per Page

$149 cross price $186 per month


  • 10 Custom viral graphics/month
  • 2 Engaging posts/day
  • 1 Cover photo redesign/month
  • Comment Moderation

* No contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Account Management

Per Page

$234 cross price $292 per month


  • 10 Custom viral graphics/month
  • 3 Engaging posts/day
  • 10 Related Google+ accounts following/month
  • 15 Hashtags Keyword Mapping/month
  • 1 Cover photo redesign/month
  • Comment Moderation
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* No contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Package Questions

1What are the differences among the three packages? (Assistant, Professional and Executive)
The Assistant Package is fit for clients looking to invest on the best marketing plan on a tight budget. At $79, the company gets 5 custom viral graphics, 1 engaging googleplus posts per day, monthly GooglePlus Cover redesign and comment moderation that will boost audience interaction. The Professional Package is perfect for those who rarely have time to update their company page. With the price of $149, the package comes with 10 custom viral graphics, 2 engaging googleplus posts per day and once a month Googleplus Cover redesign and comment moderation . The Executive Package which can be availed at $234 best suits for people who wants to have a complete fan page management. The package is equipped with comment moderation and engagements, 10 custom viral graphics, 3 daily engaging googleplus posts, once a month cover page redesign, sharing of 5 quotes per month, following of 10 Google+ accounts that are in the niche of your business and keyword mapping. Basically, this package is a total management of your page. You can just sit back, relax and watch your business rise to the top.
2Why are the plans so affordable?
Compared to other countries, the Philippines has a very competitive workforce. We cater to clients/ companies all over the world and have proven ourselves competent. We hire only the best people to work for our team. They are properly equipped with the knowledge in business and marketing strategies and have really good command over the English language. These experts are able to successfully manage up to 6 company/fan pages actively. For a small fee, we are also offering marketing consultations should you want to gain more knowledge in developing your business.
3Will the plans successfully boost audience interactions?
Yes, in fact, it will also boost your credibility as a company. As long as the page is updated on a regular basis, your audience will trust you well enough to be interested in the products/services you offer. Not everyone has the time to do this, and that is what we're here for. Our Google Plus page services are specially prepared for these people. A person typically wants to work with a company that is hands on and can easily be contacted. If you're not always online to manage the page, that person will simply lose interest and we certainly do not want that to happen.
4How do I know if the package will work for my company? Is there a guarantee?
Our team provides top quality services and most believe that we always do them to the best of our ability. If our service somehow fails and doesn't work for a client's company/fan page, which is a rare occasion, we don't charge them anything. We'll be offering the client a total refund within the first 30 days, if he/she is not satisfied with our packages. Our aim, as a team, is to provide only the best for our clients because we're here to help them reach their goals. Upon cancelling a client's subscription to any of our packages, we highly encourage them to give us their feedback in order for us to better our performance as a team and focus on the points that we somehow failed to polish.

General Questions

1Who will be posting on my Account Everyday?
The specialists we hire are professional content writers. We only pick the best ones out of the many applicants, to ensure top quality works and services. All of our specialists are University graduates and are fluent in the English language. They are equipped with basic language skills, and a vast knowledge in the field of business, marketing. We also hire the best people in the field of design who can excellently produce original works that will be used as promotional content for your page.
2How do they know what to post on the page?
A team of hardworking individuals with such talent will be assigned to handle a client's page. The team is carefully picked based on the prior knowledge they have on what the company offers. These specialists will then proceed to studying the company thoroughly and discuss marketing strategies, dealing with the target market and competition. In short, they will be making a summarized feasibility study that will tackle everything there is to know about the company. They'll plan an editorial calendar which they will first present to you for approval before your page goes live. The client's feedback is very important to us since it plays a huge part in terms of branding. Every page must have a personality and that personality should reflect yours as well.
3What exactly will the team post on the page?
Our wide variety of content ideas include text, photos and videos, promotional graphics and updates, polls, trivias, news that are related to the page, etc. So you see, there's nothing to worry about in terms of content. On the first few weeks upon subscription, we release the content and study the specific time and the kind of posts the audience mostly responds to. Upon reviewing these factors, we develop the page using the information gathered. We will do our very best to keep your audience interested.
4Am I also allowed to post my ideas on the company page?
Yes, of course. We're simply here to manage your page and make it look as dynamic as possible. We are professionally posting on your behalf. It is only appropriate that you post anything you want whenever you have the time to do so.
5What if I have ideas to pitch but I don't have the time to post them?
Simply send us an email with attachments of your content ideas and we will make the professional layout for it so it doesn't seem like a half-cooked post. It is also important that the layouts be consistent. We can do this for you a few times free of charge, but if this happens regularly, we will politely ask you to upgrade your subscription.
6Is there a contract involved?
No, you are not required to sign a contract. If you are not pleased with any subscription, we will work harder to meet your standards or simply allow you to cancel the service at any time.
7Do I still need to build a following?
Yes, please. We will offer you the best content writing service, but it will be useless if you don't have a solid following that would engage in our posts and spread the good news to their friends. Your following doesn't really have to be big, but it has to be of real accounts. If you allow us, we can invite everyone in your existing email contact list to check out the page.
8Are you affiliated to any program?
We are yet to have an affiliated program but we're open to do business with similar agencies and companies if you happen to know of any. We also offer discounted prices for a client with more than 10 company/fan pages.

Technical Questions

1How do I subscribe?
Click here to view our plans and choose one that will suit your company best. We will answer all your questions and concerns within 24 hours.