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Too Busy to Manage and Grow your LinkedIn Company Everyday?

Let us manage, moderate and publish engaging content to your LinkedIn company page.
Account Management

Per Account

$79 cross price $98 per month


  • 5 Custom viral graphics/month
  • 1 Engaging post/day
  • 1 Cover photo redesign/month
  • Comment Moderation

* No contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Account Management

Per Account

$149 cross price $186 per month


  • 10 Custom viral graphics/month
  • 2 Engaging posts/day
  • 1 Cover photo redesign/month
  • Comment Moderation

* No contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Account Management

Per Account

$219 cross price $273 per month


  • 15 Custom viral graphics/month
  • 3 Engaging posts/day
  • 1 Cover photo redesign/month
  • Comment Moderation

* No contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Package Questions

1How do the three available plans differ? (Assistant, Professional and Executive)
The Assistant Package can be availed at the price of $79, the package includes 5 viral graphic posts, 1 engaging post per day, monthly cover redesign and comment moderation.The Professional Package is worth $149 and includes 10 custom viral graphics, 2 engaging posts per day, monthly cover redesign, comment moderation. The Executive Package costs $219 and the inclusions are 15 custom viral graphics, 3 engaging posts per day, once a month cover redesign, comment moderation.
2Will the LinkedIn management services get me more likes?
The plans available are focused on regularly posting engaging content to your page since you do not have time. This will eventually multiply the number of likes your page receives. The main benefit of these packages is that your audience will feel your activity and presence in LinkedIn. This boosts your credibility in the long run, and this also helps your brand become top of mind. Ultimately, the extent of engagements and the number of likes you will have will totally depend on your budget and marketing strategies.
3Why the heck is this so cheap?
We do not refer to it as cheap. We call it competitive advantage. Our team is based in the Philippines where economic advantage is present. Lots of Canadian, American, and European companies have considered the workforce of the Philippines as a great competitive advantage. Our experts can handle over 6 business fan pages well, and their efficiency in handling your page will enhance speedily with time. You can feel the immense changes and favorable results in around 2 months. We do our best to truly help our clients flourish in their business with our social media marketing expertise.
4Do you have a guarantee?
We do. If you aren’t happy with the results in the first month, we will give you a full refund. No conditions. We aim to give clients the best value for their money, and if we fail in this mission, then we can’t afford to expect compensation. However, if you have enjoyed great results with our service, everybody will be happy if you tell your friends about your awesome experience as well. We are happy in seeing the satisfied smiles of our increasingly spreading client base, and we’ll be happier to see more.

General Questions

1Who will actually be posting on my Company?
There are content experts that take charge. They are experienced and trained in this field, and their expertise is bound to help you reach the top. Their English skills are above average, and they’re also knowledgeable about marketing, graphics, and branding. Anything you need to get your LinkedIn page dazzle, they have it. Their target is to help you boost your fan base and form a relationship with them. This enables your business to enjoy the most awesome LinkedIn experience.
2How do you know what to post?
As you sign up, we give you a questionnaire for us to know your personal and corporate preferences. We delegate an expert to handle your account, and he’ll be spending hours examining your business, your market, as well as your competition. They then ready an editorial calendar to be used for your company. Your feedback, especially in the first few weeks, is important so our specialists will know the brand voice you want to establish. We will exert all the efforts to keep things right, but your help is also needed for us to deliver the exact personality that you want your page to achieve.
3What do you post exactly?
We post a wide range of content that are shareable and engaging. Be it photos, texts, videos, graphic viral images, industry news, repurposed content, polls, or trivia, we make them come to life. Whatever your target market loves, we feed them.
4Can I post on my own fanpage?
Why not? It’s your page, after all. Whenever you feel like posting, and whenever you can have something LinkedIn-worthy, it would be best to show it off. Let’s work hand-in-hand here.
5I have lots of ideas but got no time. How can we handle this?
Feel free to send us a message whenever you have ideas in mind that you deem beneficial for the campaign. However, if you want to request more posts, it would be best to upgrade your plan (If you still haven’t).
6Do I have to sign a contract?
Nope. There are no strings attached here. You can cancel your subscription whenever you deem necessary. We’ll just do our best to impress you each month to give you more reasons to stay. This is great on your end as you do not have to test the waters longer than necessary. We’ve got a service guarantee. Thus, if you’re simply unhappy with the results, we’ll do what we can to perfect everything or you can opt for a cancellation. In case you resort to the latter, it wouldn’t be a problem. However, we’ll be more than happy to hear your thoughts about your experience with us so we can cover all rooms for improvement.
7Do you have an affiliate program?
Not yet. However, if you run a marketing firm or any other related company which could complement us, let’s talk. Besides our already affordable rates, we can offer more discounts to agencies that require over 10 fan pages managed expertly.

Technical Questions

1Gosh, how do I sign up?
Click here to check out our awesome plans. Choose the one which suits you well. We respond to all queries in 24 hours.