Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t offer our services in other languages. We only focus to post in English content.
Creating a page is not part of the service. We are dedicated to manage existing accounts.
You will get more activity on your accounts. We try to make engaging posts that allow your page to reach more people and therefore building a bigger audience. Our strategy is to focus on getting you more prospective buyers, boosting your online presence, and strengthen your online reputation.
We can provide you a 3 free sample posts about your brand. Those posts will show you our graphical styles and give you a better idea if you’ll be satisfied with our service. Always remember that our social media managers are dedicated to give the best service they can offer!
We are not offering free trials, but we can give you 3 sample posts about your brand.
We are a social media management company based in Cebu City, Philippines. We focus on helping entrepreneurs around the world. We manage their daily marketing processes with effective and affordable solutions, without compromising on quality.
The inclusions depends on the package you have chosen. As of the moment, we offer to manage your Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, Pinterest boards, Google Plus Page, LinkedIn account and Tumblr account. The difference between the packages is mostly about the volume of the posts we will create and post for your page/account. Need help choosing the best package for you ? Contact us now!
First, you will need to choose which social media platform you want us to service. Once your service chosen, just select which package you seem interested in, it mostly depends on how much engagement you would want your page to have. Upon subscribing, we will be sending you an email with a short questionnaire about your page/account. This welcome questionnaire is for us to get to know more about your brand/company and we will use it as a basis for our designs, graphic posts, banners, research and etc.
It means that every week we will choose your most engaging tweet and pin it to your account. Pinning your tweet highlights it amongst all other tweets in your account. To “pin a tweet” means that your tweet stays at the top of your stream. When people visit your profile, it is the first thing that they will see in your account.
Yes, we can. However, we will need to ask for the raw video from you since we cannot create a video on your behalf.
As you can see in our Facebook packages, we say we will create 2 engaging posts per day. Those posts are about engaging content like research-oriented posts, community engaging posts, and branded graphic posts.
Although we do not offer discounts, we can still make a special package for you. Customized packages will be based on the social media platform you want your package in and the number of posts you want along with your prefered frequency.
As of the moment, we are not offering any additional promotion (boosting) to your posts.
Yes, we can make a bundle package. It simply depends on the social media platform and the number of posts that you want.
A “custom viral graphic” means that we will create a customized graphic for your business/brand. A good example would be a quote that is relevant to your business and we will watermark your logo on it.
The pricing on the website is monthly. We can offer discounted pricing for annual subscription. Please contact us!
We do not provide likes and followers for your account, however, we always make sure to provide high-quality posts that encourage your audience to like and engage.
We will add popular and trending hashtags (made of keywords) to your posts.
We will be posting on your Facebook page as if you are the one posting it. Your identity will always be kept as confidential.
If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the trial anytime on your paypal account. If you want us to cancel it for you, you can either inform us about the cancellation 2 days before the recurring date so we can review the subscription. You can contact us via email, live chat or on any of our social accounts!
Yes, you can. It doesn’t affect on the number of posts we create on your account/page.
Yes, we can. We have an implemented process in the company already for the pre-approval of posts from our clients. There will be an option if you want to verify the posts prior to us posting them or not.
You will receive an email with a questionnaire, asking about all the details we need before managing your account. Those details include your business location, your target market, a quick business overview, your products / services of focus, etc.
You can reach us through email, live chat, skype or our social media accounts. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Yes, we actually made a centralized dashboard which contains all the postings that needs your approval. A dedicated social media manager will send you the login credentials through email so you can start approving the posts.
All posts will be posted once approved. We will not post anything without your consent.
  • This Instagram-account is not private
  • E-mail and phone number are linked to this Instagram-account
  • I have access to the e-mail and phone number that are linked to this Instagram-account
  • I have logged into this Instagram-account lately
  • This Instagram-account has at least 5 posts
  • Two-factor authentication is disabled