Terms and Conditions

The customer in the form of a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, must agree to the Terms and Conditions provided by Troop Social:

1. Fees

Fees will be administered to a customer who has agreed to the purchasing of a particular product. These fees include setup fee and a recurring charge for every succeeding month. Depending on the chosen plan of the customer, these recurrent fees will be billed every month.

2. PIN Verification

The customer will be responsible for the Personal Identification Number or PIN verification that s/he offers to Troop Social.

3. Services offered

The customer should recognize that the company Troop Social is designed to help customers get their social media pages managed.Subscriptions can be canceled anytime.

4. Agreement Term, Cancellation and Refunds

Upon purchase, customers must express approval to the agreement terms provided for the chosen rate plan. Upon normal circumstances, Troop Social does not offer refunds for services that have been used. However, the company allows exceptions for refunds on a case to case basis. Any refund must be made through contact of a representative from customer service and each case presented will be examined. There is no guarantee for all refunds. In the event a refund has been approved, it will be based on a calculated source. There is no guarantee of a return on investment (ROI).

5. No Liability

Troop Social along with its associates, directors, employees, officers, subsidiaries, and suppliers will not be held accountable for any damages caused during the use of its services. These damages include company information loss, company interruptions, direct or indirect impairments resulting as a loss of company profit. The maximum liability of Troop Social is directed to the total amount that has been paid by the customer for the selected services.

6. Indemnity

Any customer will assure Troop Social, and all of its associates, directors, employees, officers, subsidiaries and suppliers from any kind of accountability or deficit caused by statements or judgments.

7. Customer Disclosure

Before entering into an agreement made by the customer and Troop Social, s/he shall openly disclose information about the current or previous social media advertising campaigns. If the customer decides to hold this information against Troop Social, this can hamper the Social MediaƂ management operations done by the company. Also, the customer should agree to acquire the services of Troop Social for legal intentions only.

8. Billing

If a customer wishes to modify his/her payment method, s/he can do so by contacting the customer service through email to [email protected]. The customer shall agree to the automatic recurring charges that have been made to their checking account or credit card.

9. Termination of Services

Since there are no contracts, cancellation can just be done anytime.

10. Communication

The customer must be responsive to the requests given by Troop Social and the customer can freely engage with the social media campaign when he chooses to. Although we do everything from preparing the engaging posts to drawing the market near, the client is still free to make suggestions that he deem helpful and input ideas that can make the campaign rather personalized.

11. Respect of Intellectual Property

The customer shall respect the copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property belonging to Troop Social. The customer must certify that his/her original image is his/her own or he must request to upload images belonging to Troop Social.

12. Terms and Conditions

In the future, Troop Social, under any circumstance, may alter the terms and conditions presented without giving any advanced notice. It is recommended to save an electronic file of the current Terms and Conditions or print a copy of these Terms and Conditions and store it for future reference.

13. Governing Law and Venue

Being a customer of the products and services provided by Troop Social, it means that s/he abides with the laws, jurisdiction and venue belonging to the Republic of the Philippines.

14. Agreement to Arbitrate

Any argument, disagreement or statement presented by the customer regarding this particular agreement or violation, cessation, implementation, clarification or authority of this agreement, will be determined through settlement in Republic of the Philippines before one (1) judge. The Philippine court will permit a Judgement on the Award to join as the involved customer will agree to private dominion. This section does not disqualify any party who wishes to pursue provisional resolutions from a local Court that is stationed in the Philippines.

15. Authorized Representative

The customer has addressed a particular person to act as his/her representative on his/her behalf. This gives authority and ability to the lawful representative.