Why People Trust our Social Media Advertising Expertise

We have gained the trust of numerous clients because we take their Social Media Profile management seriously. Each of our page managers is trained to bring you the brand recognition you deserve. Our Social Media marketing tactics are formulated by our team of experts in this field. We also constantly adapt to the current market trends to make your Social Media page as awesome as it should be.
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How Does it All Work?

Step 1

Choose which social media platform you want us to manage and carefully select your preferred package. Note that your choice of a package should always consider the specifications of how how you want us to manage a particular page.

Step 2

Upon subscribing, you will receive an email with a short questionnaire about your page/account for us to know more about your brand/company. This allows us to make a genuine basis for our designs, graphic posts, banners, and research before we incorporate our Social Media marketing tactics.

Step 3

After deciding to opt in, settle the payment for the regular subscription and get your Social Media page management journey started. We will be the one to post engaging contents, activate your fans’ engagements, schedule regular posts, and examine the overall performance of the campaign.

Step 4

To make sure you get authentic results, we will send you monthly reports on the campaign's progress. We will continue to work closely with you to ensure your page's performance, visitors, and engagement is progressive and consistent.

What to expect next?


After signing up, you will need to check your email confirmation and answer a short questionnaire. This is for your Social Media Coordinator to know more about your brand and business.


We will need to be added as an admin on your Facebook Fan Page: [email protected].


Our Social Media coordinator will start posting photos and gain engagements in your page.


On the 7th day, your trial will then continue to any package you have subscribed in the first place and greater results will follow.

We are Equipped to Help You

Social Media Experts
Our team is filled with creative and brilliant people that want nothing else but drive your Social Media Profile to the top. Your dedicated team will be your warriors in the competitive battlefield social media marketing. We keep ourselves equipped with the necessary tools that get you to your desired destination.
Effective Strategies
Our Social Media Advertising services strategies are based on the real scenario. We carefully study the exact market you are targeting, and we find the most exciting way to draw them closer to you. Our project- specific strategies give you a guarantee that everything is going to fall right into place.
Accurate Reports
You are still the head of this campaign. Thus, we keep you informed by sending you the recent updates of the actual process we’re progressing. In order to give you positive reports, we will not leave any stone unturned.

At troopsocial.com we can help you manage your social media accounts to help you reach your target customers online.

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